Does the air conditioner in your New Jersey home smell bad? Depending on the type of odor, several things could cause your air conditioner to smell bad. Here are a few smells that you might notice coming from your AC system and what they mean:

Rotten Eggs Smell

Exhaust fumes could indicate fluid leaks in your air conditioner. A rotten-egg odor can originate from gas leaks or small animals, including rodents, that die in the ductwork. If you suspect fluid leaks, such as refrigerant leaks, don’t hesitate to call an expert for assistance.

Burning Smell

If you smell an electrical odor from your AC system, it could signify a mechanical issue with the fan, compressor, wiring and electrical component problems. The AC system needs repairs if the burning smell persists a few minutes after turning on.

Musty Smell

It’s a common smell that indicates the presence of biological growth near or in your AC system. Since the system eliminates excess moisture from the house, it can encourage biological growth if it fails to drain properly. It’s best to have an AC repair expert inspect the air conditioner, get rid of the musty smell and improve your indoor air quality.

Skunk Smell

If your AC system produces a skunk-like odor, it may indicate the presence of gas, specifically methyl mercaptan. The gas is probably getting into the ductwork and circulating into your space, which is dangerous for the occupants. It’s advisable to evacuate your home and contact your HVAC company to fix the issue.

If you experience any of these AC odors, immediately call for professional assistance to avoid over-exposure to gasses and other contaminants. You can prevent most of these odors with regular maintenance and by conducting prompt AC repairs.