When your heating and air conditioning system showing signs of old age, it’s time for an HVAC system upgrade.  Unfortunately, HVAC systems don’t last forever, and you may not be prepared for the day your system breaks down.  However, there are some telltale signs that indicate you should start talking to your trusted HVAC service technician about replacement.  It may be time to upgrade if you notice any of the following signs.


Unusual noises

If you hear noises you haven’t heard before coming from your heating and cooling system, it can mean there is a serious problem brewing.  Vibrations, loose parts, a motor that’s wearing out, and more can cause disturbing noises coming from your system.


Rising energy bill 

Rising bills month after month is a sign that you are losing efficiency.  New systems are significantly more energy efficient than those more than 8 to 10 years old.


Unpleasant odors

Unpleasant odors coming from your HVAC systems, or your vents signal a problem.  Odors can be caused by a variety of problems, such as mold and mildew growth due to excess moisture inside the unit.  Refrigerant leaks smell bad also.


Tripped circuit breaker

If your HVAC system trips the circuit breaker once, it may not be any cause for alarm.  However, if it happens repeatedly, you may have a system that is showing signs of wear.  A small repair may be able to help, but it won’t last long and your whole system will soon need to be replaced.


Frequent repairs

Too many repairs in a short period of time, even small things, are a definite sign that your HVAC system is wearing out.


Uneven indoor temperatures or decreased comfort

Uneven heating or cooling is often a sign that your HVAC system isn’t working as efficiently as it should.  If you’re lucky, a simple repair could fix the problem, but more than likely a replacement is in your near future.  Check your windows for good seals.


Signs that it’s Time for an HVAC System Upgrade

The price of a new HVAC system can seem a little overwhelming.  No one wants to pay to replace their central air, furnace, heat pump, or air ducts.  But after the initial cost, the upgrade in efficiency will save you money on a monthly basis, especially if your current system is eight years old or older.


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