Once a HVAC system is installed and running, as long as it heats the house in the winter, you might not give it thought to frequently maintain it.  Many do not know the importance of Monmouth County HVAC maintenance and the added benefits such as: long term savings, comfort in your home and health benefits.  As homeowners approach winter season, it is vital that you take care of your HVAC system to last through the frigid winter days.  As the temperature drops, we heavily depend on HVAC winter maintenance to keep us warm and comfortable all winter long.  The last thing a homeowner wants, is to have their HVAC system stop working in the middle of winter, allowing the frigid outside temperature to make its way into the house.  In addition, needing to keep warm in the house with extra layers of clothing or jacket, while they wait for a HVAC technician to come and repair the HVAC system.  HVAC winter maintenance stops situations like this from happening, however it is not the only situation where HVAC maintenance is beneficial to the homeowner.

Top Reasons to Consider HVAC Maintenance in Monmouth County, NJ

Save Money

An HVAC system is the equivalent of half of your energy expenses, according to the United States Department of Energy.  Meaning, that if your HVAC system is in need of repair, it causes you to consume more energy to heat your home than necessary.  Which results in homeowners paying higher than normal energy bills.  Having your HVAC system regularly looked at will lower your energy bill because the HVAC system will only consumes energy that is needed to function normally.  HVAC maintenance lowers your energy consumption and energy bill.

Better Air Quality

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average household in America is three times more polluted than the air outside.  Moreover, the main cause of this is that pollutants can get into a HVAC system that needs repair or maintenance as well as bad ventilation.  During the winter months, you spend a lot of time at home, so it is important that you have good indoor air quality.  Poor indoor air quality can leave homeowners with health issues such as respiratory issues, irritated eyes, nose, throat and much more.  Maintaining your HVAC system can improve the quality of air in your home through cleaning your vents and filters, so less pollutants can make their way inside your home.

HVAC maintenance in Monmouth County NJ HVAC System Optimization

Homeowners rely on their HVAC system more than they realize; HVAC maintenance in Monmouth County, NJ is a necessary service for the system to run smoothly.  Simply put, a HVAC system in need of maintenance will not operate the same as a HVAC system that is maintained regularly.  Signs of a HVAC system not operating properly include increased energy bills, uneven temperatures throughout the house, weird smells or sounds and if it’s harder for you to breathe.  These signs are an indication that you need a HVAC technician to come optimize your HVAC system.  Regular HVAC maintenance is a must if you want to improve the overall condition of your home and avoid issues such as temperature fluctuation and other problems that come with a HVAC system not regularly serviced.

Protect Your Investment

The lifespan of a HVAC system is varied and depends on factors such as brand and how much it is used.  Like with anything else, if you fail to properly maintain your HVAC system it will not last as long as it should.  The average HVAC system lasts 10 years, if you neglect regular HVAC maintenance you will be needing to replace your unit much sooner than the actual life of the system.  Monmouth County HVAC maintenance is a perfect way to increase the lifespan of your heating and cooling system.


Dependent on the manufacturer of your HVAC system you may be required to keep up with regular Monmouth County HVAC maintenance, to keep your warranty valid.  Supposing your HVAC system breaks down, but you never regularly serviced the system, it might not be covered under the warranty.  Instead of needing to pay the cost of a repair or replacement system, HVAC maintenance will protect your money, system and the comfort of your home.

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