A busy day can quickly go from bad to worse when noon rolls around, and you realize your house isn’t heating correctly. If you already know that leaky ductwork can be a serious issue, you’ll have your fingers crossed that the cause is something less problematic. Because Spring is not yet here, and temperatures in NJ can drop below freezing, your first instinct may be to panic. You have a busy schedule and want quick answers about what’s going on.This post will provide a brief overview of leaky ductwork. We cover everything from identifying leaking ducts to when to call for heating repair in Monouth

Signs that Your Ductwork Is Leaking

If your furnace has been running for over an hour, but your home isn’t heating correctly, consider that a primary indicator of leaky ductwork. However, several other symptoms indicate ductwork leaks, including:

Uneven Room Temperatures

Take a walk around your home. Are some rooms frigid and others warm? This disparity is a red flag. Ideally, your heating system will distribute warm air evenly. If that is not the case, there’s likely a leak somewhere in your ductwork.

Dust Buildup

Have you noticed more dust buildup than is normal for your home? Leaky ducts allow dirt into the central air system and overburden the air filter. That dust then makes its way through the vents and into your home, carried by the warm air.

Old Ductwork

Has it been more than 15 years since your system was installed or last replaced? If so, you have likely reached the expiration date on your ductwork.

Like most equipment, your air ducts experience wear and tear with each passing year. After a certain point, replacing the ductwork is your most economical option.

When to Call for Heating Repair in NJ

So you have leaky ductwork, but do you need to call for repairs right away? Before you decide, keep in mind that leaky ducts cause several unfortunate side effects, including:

  • Poor air quality within the home
  • Decreased energy efficiency
  • Higher utility bills
  • Reduced comfort during colder months

The good news is that heating repair  is usually quick and affordable. To have your system inspected by a reliable team, call ECMC, and we’ll give you a fair estimate for the necessary repairs or replacements.