When the air conditioner fails in the middle of summer, New Jersey summers can be tough to bear.  Blistering heat and high humidity make the summer unbearable.  HVAC systems address both heat and humidity.  Although well-maintained units will have an easier time surviving the hottest season, community wide electrical failures can plunge you into tropical hell.


How to stay cool when the air conditioning breaks 

  1. Draw the curtains and lower the shades

Open curtains and rolled up shades will let light stream into the home creating a greenhouse effect turning the air from boiling to broiling.  Limiting the light will cool the rooms and conserve the cool air conditioned air.  Don’t open the windows until the interior air is intolerable.  A hot cross-breeze may freshen your home, but it won’t improve the comfort level.  Leave the hot air outside.

  1. Open windows only at night

Especially during Indian Summer in September and October when the days are hot and the nights are cool, opening the windows at night will bring a revitalizing breeze.   Remember to close the windows in the morning to keep the heat of the day out of the house.

  1. Run the ceiling fans counterclockwise

A clockwise rotation will spread cool air throughout the home by pushing the air down.  Counterclockwise rotation will pull the air up.  When the air conditioner is broken, cold air sinks to the floor, counterclockwise rotation draws the cool air up.

  1. Hillbilly air conditioner

Put a cooler of ice in front of a swivel table fan.   As the ice melts, the room will be cooled.  If the air is very humid, this will have limited success.

  1. Avoid using heat-generating appliances
    Ovens, desktop computers, and incandescent lights will heat the room. Use your outdoor kitchen and keep the heat outside.
  2. Lower your body temperature

A cool shower and a cool drink will lower your body temperature.   A cool towel around your neck will naturally cool your core.   Drink plenty of water instead of soda or sugary wines.  Eat melons high in water like watermelon.

  1. Go to an alternate environment

Just because the power fails in your neighborhood, doesn’t mean the entire community has failed.  Malls and movie theaters are cool places.  Choosing a restaurant, coffee shop, or diner will enhance your comfort.   Bring your laptop, since many of these places have free Wi-Fi.

How to stay cool when the air conditioning breaks

Now that you know how to stay cool when the HVAC system breaks,  your home can return to cool comfort a lot faster.


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