Do you know the last time you had your Monmouth County HVAC professional provide furnace maintenance services? Are you asking yourself if furnace maintenance is really necessary? The answer is a resounding yes! Not only will it save you money, help keep your home comfortable, and offer several other great benefits – but preventative heating service such as this also provides an in-depth inspection and tune-up of your system. Here are some helpful answers to common questions about furnace maintenance service so that you can make the most informed decision for your needs. So what exactly does furnace maintenance in Monmouth County entail?

Furnace Maintenance in Monmouth County | What Exactly is Furnace Maintenance

Furnace maintenance involves a comprehensive furnace tune-up service ensures that every essential component of your system is in top working order by carefully examining, adjusting, cleaning, testing and lubricating them as needed. Tasks included in our thorough furnace maintenance checklist include:

  • Monmouth County Furnace MaintenanceChecking the heat exchanger for signs of damage or corrosion
  • Inspecting the vent system and air intake grilles, removing any blockages
  • Examining the belts for any signs of damage or cracks
  • Inspecting the thermostat and calibrating it as needed
  • Lubricating all moving parts in the heating system
  • Examining and cleaning the blower, removing any debris
  • Checking the blower motor and testing its amp draw
  • Inspecting the electrical connections, tightening them and/or replacing damaged wiring as needed
  • Checking the burner and flame sensor
  • Checking the air filter, cleaning it, and replacing it as needed
  • Checking and testing the system’s safety controls and startup cycle

If you have an oil or gas furnace, additional steps included in furnace maintenance service include:

  • Checking fuel lines for potential leaks
  • Testing gas pressure, the burner, and the pilot
  • Inspecting the thermocouple

When Should You Schedule Monmouth County Furnace Maintenance?

At least once a year: Annual Monmouth County furnace maintenance can keep your system in its best condition, however if anyone in your residence has a respiratory disorder or weakened immunity, it is recommended to get tune-ups more regularly than once a year. With twice up to four times as much service each year, you will ensure the air quality remains premium for all family members!

Before the Colder Seasons: As the cold season approaches, make sure your system is prepared to provide you with continuous comfort and warmth by scheduling a furnace tune-up before winter sets in. Monmouth County, NJ area residents should opt for maintenance service at the end of summer or beginning of fall to ensure their furnaces are working properly throughout this chilly period.

Advantages of Routine Furnace Maintenance in Monmouth County

Save money: Keep your furnace in top condition with regular maintenance and you’ll enjoy lower energy bills monthly. Eventually, these savings can pay for the costs of tune-ups – efficiency like that is worth its weight in gold!

Keep the warranty: It is essential to get regular tune-ups if your furnace warranty contains stipulations that require it. Doing this will not only keep you covered by the warranty, but also guarantee that any issues during its term are taken care of promptly and effectively.

Highly reduce the chance of unexpected breakdowns: Taking proactive steps for furnace maintenance in Monmouth County can help to identify and address minor issues before they become major problems, saving you costly repairs or even the possibility of being without heat during the cold winter months. With regular upkeep, your heating system will remain reliable while reducing stress related to unexpected breakdowns.

Prolong the lifespan of a furnace: When you take meticulous care of your furnace, it will provide you with a decade (or more!) of reliable service and help ensure that your hard-earned money is well spent.

Looking for an Experienced HVAC Specialist for Monmouth County Furnace Maintenance Services?

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