Ensure your family’s comfort during the frigid winter months with 24-hour services from East Coast Mechanical.  We offer dependable furnace tune-up and cleaning services.  Furthermore, we have restored heating to residential and commercial properties throughout New Jersey.  Book an appointment with our professionals to receive help with a prevent a damaged furnace in your house.

Reasons to Schedule a Furnace Inspection

Ensuring that your furnace is working well guarantees comfort for you and your family.  Annual maintenance services prevent stressful furnace breakdowns and expensive repairs.    Additionally, furnace tune-up and inspection should be done before the coldest months have begun.  This will save on energy costs and avoid major problems.

Tune-up for a furnace

A tune up annually keeps the furnace working at optimal efficiency.  Four steps for a furnace tune up include Cleaning the flame sensor, heat exchanger inspection, blower motor maintenance, and evaluate electrical components.

Clean the Flame Sensor

When working properly, a flame sensor is responsible for keeping the burners lighted.  It also ensures that the gas burners in the furnace remain off until heating is initiated.  However, if this component is dirty, it won’t sense the presence of the flame or power down appropriately.  To clean the flame sensor, East Coast Mechanical technician will power down the area and carefully remove it from its secure location.  After removing the flame sensor, your HVAC technician will use a wire brush to remove caked with grime and dirt.  Once excess char is removed, the sensor is replaced and tested for functionality.

Heat Exchanger Inspection

Heat exchanger inspection begins with turning off power so that all mechanical components can be inspected.  Carbon buildup or damaged parts all impact the blower and the burner performance of the heat exchanger.  The heat exchanger is the most expensive part of the furnace.

Blower Motor Maintenance

The blower motor distributes the warm air throughout the home interior. To test the condition of the blower, the East Coast Mechanical technician will inspect the fan wheel, fan blades, pulleys, and belts.  If dirty or damaged, the technician will clean or replace the component.   The blower motor gets its moving parts oiled.  Thermocouple, gas pressure, fuel lines, and pilot are also checked.

Evaluate Controls and Electrical

Worn electrical components impacts operation of the system and can cause an electrical fire if faulty.  After turning off the power to the furnace, the East Coast Mechanical technician will inspect that connections are tight, and wires are free of debris.  Faulty wires need to be replaced immediately.  Additionally, thermostat, valves, temperature sensor, and multi-speed fan need to be tested.

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