There are many things that live up to their name, unfortunately duct tape is not one of them. While duct tape has many uses—wart removal is one that comes to mind—this sticky substance should never be used to seal your ducts.  Our customers constantly ask questions about duct tape and how they can use it on their HVAC systems, and we always advise them against it. Today, we’re telling you why you shouldn’t use duct tape to seal ducts.


Why Duct Tape Should Never be Used on Ducts

We can’t sing enough praises for duct tape.  This sticky solution can adhere to many tough surfaces; ironically enough, air ducts are not one of them.  Duct tape is not engineered to withstand extreme temperatures changes—like the ones that come from your HVAC system.  Air ducts were made to withstand a huge amount of heat and extreme temperature changes.  Duct tape was not.  Over time, regular heat cycling can cause the adhesive in duct tape to break down and disintegrate.  This leads to the duct tape falling off or getting into the ductwork itself.  Additionally,

condensation from so many temperature changes can make duct tape weaken and break apart.


Using Duct Tape Can Cost You Money

Leaking ductwork can make your energy bill skyrocket.  When treated air is lost, your HVAC system works twice as hard to make up the difference.  This problem is twofold.  It adds to your bills, and it puts unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC system.  While putting duct tape around any holes or cracks in your ductwork will provide a temporary fix, it won’t last for long.  With enough HVAC use, the duct tape will fall off and you’re left with the same—if not bigger—holes.  Instead of repeating this cycle, invest in a material that was made for ductwork or call an HVAC professional.


Try These Options

If you want to do the job yourself, there are materials suitable for this job.  There’s even a type of tape you can use to patch tiny holes and cracks in your ductwork.  Some of the best options are:

Duct Putty – Also known as duct mastic, this adaptable substance can seal duct joints and large holes.  There are a few more steps though.  First you need to cover the hole or joint with fiberglass mesh tape, then essentially paint over that with the duct putty.

Foil Tape – Put down the duct tape and try foil tape!  This tape uses an adhesive made for extreme temperature changes, so it won’t dry out.


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