Spring can be a tough season for people who are sensitive to indoor allergens or suffer from respiratory conditions. Stale indoor air can increase the pollen, pet dander, bacteria, dust and allergy-inducing dust mites circulating in your house. Read on to learn the four methods you can use to improve your IAQ and manage your allergies during this allergy season in New Jersey.

Purchase Air Purifiers

Firstly, our high-quality air purifiers can help you enjoy healthy air this season. They have HEPA filters that eliminate dust, pollen, pet hair and other allergens from your house.

Stabilize the Humidity Levels

Allergy-inducing microbial thrive in humid areas. Additionally, the tiny particles in dry air can also become airborne irritants.

The most effective way of reducing microbial and other potential allergens in your house is by stabilizing the humidity levels. We offer humidifiers and dehumidifiers that can regulate indoor humidity levels.

Replace Air Filters

Besides boosting energy efficiency, air filters trap pollen and dust entering the HVAC system. Our experienced HVAC service technicians can help you replace these filters regularly to facilitate the circulation of clean air.

Bathe and Groom Your Pets

Finally, bathing and changing your clothes ensure that you do not spread different allergens in your house. Consider taking a shower immediately after entering the house or before going to bed.

Your pet might be your best friend, but its dander can negatively influence indoor air quality and trigger allergies this season. To avoid this issue, bath and brush your furry friends regularly.

Improving air quality in your home can control indoor allergens and help you survive this spring. Contact our team  today for high-quality air cleaners, dehumidifiers and HVAC maintenance services. We’re here to help you feel comfortable and healthier inside your home.